Chiba Prefecture, Ichinomiya Town Vacation Rental - Facilities perfect for surfers/ indoor bouldering, hammocks, a Jacuzzi, and a projector.

A Dream Base

A place where you can experience the ideal lifestyle 
you’ve always dreamed of living in. 
Use this as a base to explore places you haven’t been to yet.
A dream base space we’ve named ‘PIKAICHI Privatestay.’ 
There are still unknown Chiba waiting for you to discover.


1st star residence

Capacity:1-7people Number of rooms: 2 rooms

This facility was the beginning of Pikaichi’s rental villas.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy a quiet stay.

Seaside terrace

Capacity: 1-10 people Number of rooms: 2 rooms

It’s a beachfront, maisonette vacation rental,
perfect for activities like surfing and enjoying the beach activities.


Capacity: 1-5 people Number of rooms: 1 room

This is a single-family house located in Isumi City.
It is a facility built with cedar wood, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

PIKAICHI Privatestay series AO

Capacity: 1-7 people Number of rooms: 8 rooms

A facility with the Hawaiian meaning of “World.”
Please enjoy the view of the world with furniture themed after each room’s name.

PIKAICHI Privatestay series Lokahi

Capacity: 1-15 people Number of rooms: 2 rooms

A facility with the Hawaiian meaning of “Bond.”
Please come and stay with people connected by bonds, and those who wish to nurture those connections.

About Staying with Pets

All of our facilities welcome guests to stay with their pets. 

We also offer special packages for guests staying with their pets.

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Opitional Plans

You can make a reservation for the optional plan after you select the facility date of stay, and enter the details of your stay.

This is a limited activity plan that allows you to experience surfing, a sport that has been attracting a lot of attention since it won a silver medal in the Olympics. The coaches are veteran staff from Lani Surf, the No.1 surfing school in the Boso area, who will gently and carefully teach you how

This is a special on-site plan where you can have a sushi chef from a well-known local restaurant in the Sotobo area make delicious sushi right in front of you! The sushi made with local fish caught in Boso is superb. The sake (Japanese sake) with its fine, mellow, and beautiful taste is included as

Enjoy talking with your colleagues at an izakaya after work on weekends. Enjoy a glass of fancy wine at a dinner party with your fellow moms. It’s been a while since you’ve had a chance to do that these days. This is the perfect special plan for those people. The pub keeper of a popular

Why don’t you enjoy a BBQ with seasonal vegetables harvested in the Boso Peninsula? (from 4 people) We have prepared a “hands-on accommodation plan” that has become a trend in hotel stays. In this plan, you can harvest fresh vegetables grown in the fertile soil of the Boso Peninsula by yourself and enjoy it on

Set Fee BBQ 3-piece set: 8,000 yen (tax included)This set includes charcoal (3kg), a gas burner, and a fire starter.

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