All accommodations are private and limited to one group per day.
The lawn, garden, and balcony are bathed in sunshine and a pleasant breeze from the ocean blows through.
When the weather is good, you can enjoy a romantic time under the starry sky.
This is a great place for surfing, bodyboarding, and swimming, as well as a base for trips to the nature-rich Boso, short trips with your dog, or work retreats.
Please have a wonderful time at your leisure.

Maisonette type


AO means “earth” in Hawaiian.
Each of the eight rooms has a theme related to “nature of the earth,” and the furniture and interior decorations are made of natural materials based on the name of the room.
The rooms also feature an open-air Jacuzzi and indoor bouldering facilities.
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Address 1319 Ichinomiya-cho, Chosei-gun, Chiba

Facility Details

From 46,000 yen (seasonal rates applies)
  • Accommodation capacity: 7 people (1 room) x 8 rooms
  • Maisonette-type single-family house with two households per building
  • Open-air Jacuzzi, open-air bath, bouldering installed (varies by room)
  • Outdoor showers installed
  • Bouldering building is on the 1st floor wooden deck, open-air bath building is on the 2nd floor wooden deck, gas barbecue set (fee ¥3,000)
  • • Outdoor Jacuzzi and open-air bath on the second-floor balcony (varies by room type)
  • • Ground floor: 1 bedroom with 2 single beds, 1 bedroom with 1 double bed, toilet, washroom, bathroom
    2nd floor: living room, dining room, kitchen, toilet, loft can have futon bedding (3 sets).
  • Projector, Google Chromecast, and Wi-Fi are installed.
  • popIn Aladdin (projector) in first floor bedroom
  • 1 sponge board (free rental)
  • Small and medium-sized dogs are allowed (other pets negotiable) (separate terms of use apply).
  • Parking lot Maximum number of parking spaces: 10 (varies depending on vehicle type)

【Bouldering facilities installed】Rooms:Earth、Forest、Natural、Meadow
【Open-air Jacuzzi installed】Rooms:Deepsea、Beach
【Open-air bath installed】Rooms:Colorful、Sky

Two-story house


Facing National highway 128, the house has excellent access to Onjyuku and Minamiboso. This cozy house is fully equipped with an outdoor wooden deck that cannot be seen from the outside and an indoor hammock. The interior makes use of an abundance of cedarwood and has a relaxed cafe style atmosphere.
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Address 2425-13 Hiari, Isumi, Chiba

Facility Details

Rental per house: From 25,000 yen (seasonal rates apply)
  • Maximum number of guests: 5 people
  •  Two-story house
  •  Indoor hammock
  •  Outdoor shower
  •  Barbecue set on the wooden deck on the first floor (free of charge, please bring your own charcoal)
  •  On the first floor, there is a living, dining, kitchen area with a toilet, washroom, bathroom, indoor hammock, and a counter table by the window.
    The second floor has a bedroom with two single beds, a bedroom with one single bed, and a bedroom with two semi-double beds.
  • Small and medium-sized dogs are allowed (other pets are negotiable) (separate terms of use apply)
Seaside terrace
Maisonette type

Seaside terrace

You can enjoy a barbecue in the private garden on the first floor or on the balcony on the second floor.
The oriental furniture is all imported and carefully selected.
The living room and dining room are over 20 tatami mats (approx. 36.5㎡) in size with a maximum ceiling height of 4 meters.
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Address 10325-1 Ichinomiya, Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba

Facility Details

Maisonette type: From 45,000 yen (seasonal rates apply)
  • Maximum number of guests: 10 people
  • Two-story maisonette type
  • Outdoor shower installed
  • The entrance is spacious enough for a surfboard stand and a bicycle.
  • A barbecue set (free of charge, please bring your own charcoal) and a fire pit are available in the garden on the first floor, so you can build a fire.
    On the second floor balcony, there is a gas barbecue grill (separate fee required).
  • The first floor has a bedroom with two single beds, a bedroom with a double bed, a toilet, a washroom, and a bathroom.
  • The second floor is a large living, dining and kitchen area with over 20 tatami mats in size.
  • Loft: up to 4 sets of futon mattresses
  • Small and medium-sized dogs are allowed (other pets are negotiable) (separate terms and conditions apply)
  • Surfboard (sponge board) free of charge
1st star residence
2-story house

1st star residence

With a spacious lawn, garden with palm trees and a large wooden deck where you can enjoy barbecues, you can fully relax with your cute pets. Have an elegant time in the rooms with a modern interior design.
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Address 272-1-1 Ichinomiya, Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba

Facility Details

Rental per house: From 46,000 yen (seasonal rates apply)
  • Maximum number of guests: 7 people
  • A two-story house
  • Large grassy lawn and wooden deck (free of charge barbecue set, please bring your own charcoal)
  • Outdoor shower and large storage room.
  • On the first floor, there is a living, dining, kitchen area, toilet, washroom, and bathroom. The second floor has a bedroom with two semi-double beds, a room for futon mattresses (up to four sets), a toilet, and a stock room.
  • Small and medium-sized dogs are allowed (other pets are negotiable) (separate terms of use apply).
  • Playground equipment for children free of charge


Outdoor and Indoor Facilities
Kitchen Appliances・ Accessories
Bathroom appliances and Accessories
Items available

Optional Plans

You can make a reservation for the optional plan after you select the facility date of stay, and enter the details of your stay.

[SURFIN’STYLE] Safe and Secure♪ Experience Surfing for the First Time

This is a limited activity plan that allows you to experience surfing, a sport that has been attracting a lot of attention since it won a silver medal in the Olympics. The coaches are veteran staff from Lani Surf, the No.1 surfing school in the Boso area, who will gently and carefully teach you how to surf. This is a popular school where you can hear the joyful reviews of many customers such as “I couldn’t surf well at first, but I

Read the details

Authentic sushi in a “private space”! A famous local restaurant will make sushi just for you! “Delicious sushi, just for you”

This is a special on-site plan where you can have a sushi chef from a well-known local restaurant in the Sotobo area make delicious sushi right in front of you! The sushi made with local fish caught in Boso is superb. The sake (Japanese sake) with its fine, mellow, and beautiful taste is included as an accompaniment to your meal. (One 180ml bottle). You don’t have to worry about other customers or crowds if you dine in a “private space”. PIKAICHI will

Read the details

【[Limited] Authentic Izakaya (Japanese style pub) in a “Private Space”! A popular local restaurant will provide on-site service just for you!

Enjoy talking with your colleagues at an izakaya after work on weekends. Enjoy a glass of fancy wine at a dinner party with your fellow moms. It’s been a while since you’ve had a chance to do that these days. This is the perfect special plan for those people. The pub keeper of a popular local izakaya will be serving delicious drinks and food in a live setting! He is a cheerful and fun person, so some people enjoy eating and talking

Read the details

Limited to 4 times a month! Agricultural Experience Plan

Why don’t you enjoy a BBQ with seasonal vegetables harvested in the Boso Peninsula? (from 4 people) We have prepared a “hands-on accommodation plan” that has become a trend in hotel stays. In this plan, you can harvest fresh vegetables grown in the fertile soil of the Boso Peninsula by yourself and enjoy it on the BBQ. The field experience will take place in the fields of a farmer who is actually running a farm! As the farmer has many years of

Read the details


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