Items available

Items available

Items list

  • Bicycle
  • Games
  • BBQ stove
  • Beach cruiser (2 units, reservation required)

Countryside cycling (surfboard carrier attached)

Sotobo is a popular area for cyclists due to the wonderful scenic views along the coastline and mountains, and even a special JR train called “B.B. BASE” stops there.
It also comes with a surfboard carrier, so you can use it as a means to get to surfing spots.
You can take a short trip to any place you like. Why don’t you spend your free time feeling the wind, smell, and sunshine that you can’t experience with a car?
Whether it’s along the flat coast or on a hilly road, you’ll feel the refreshment of sweating by riding under your own power!
The moderate fatigue will surely be pleasant.

【Games available】

"Huh" game

The “huh” you just said, is it an angry “huh”? Is it a silly “huh”? Or is it an admired “huh”?
It’s a card game where you have to guess each other’s answer to a given question using only your voice and facial expressions!
This is a very exciting communication game.

The Game of Life

A game similar to Sugoroku (board game played with dice), in which the player’s occupation is decided at the beginning of the game, and the player moves forward according to the roll of the dice, following the instructions on the stopped squares to reach the goal while experiencing various life events such as marriage, childbirth, and traffic accidents.


“Toddles-Bobbles” is a card game in which you play as 12 kinds of mysterious creatures with only a head and arms and legs, “Toddles-Bobbles”. Players have to name them as new ones come out, and shout the name as quickly as possible when the same ones appear later. The person who was able to shout out the name first gets the card and the players compete with the numbers of cards collected. This is a highly recommended game for children and adults of all ages.


UNO is one of the most popular card games of all time! UNO is a card game where you have to shed the cards you are dealt before anyone else. It can be enjoyed by everyone from adults to children, family and friends.

Wobble Game

Put the dolls on the tower, and the first person to clear his or her hands of the dolls wins! A thrilling and exciting game that can be played in a large group!

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